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  • I Have Lost 10 Pounds

    "At night, when I am dying for a snack, I eat three or four Gummy Owls and they keep me from going downstairs to get a snack. I also keep the travel pack in my purse and nibble on them when I get hungry between meals. I have lost ten pounds since I started on Gummy Owls."
    - Judy, New York

  • Take the Edge off Hunger

    "Gummy Owls really help take the edge off of hunger. I am diabetic, and they do not make my blood sugar go up. I have told several friends and family members and will soon order again. Thanks you Gummy Owls."
    - Pat, Alabama

  • I Hate Diet Pills

    "I've tried many diet pills before but I hate taking so many pills. I was really happy to hear about gummies instead. I have been exercising as well and have lost 4 pounds so far in the two weeks I've taken them."
    - Amy

  • Sense of Fullness and Energy

    "I just love Gummy Owls. I take them every morning when I get to work and then wait 30 minutes to have breakfast. I am good until the afternoon. No jitters, no headaches, just a sense of fullness and energy. Gummy Owls will be a part of my daily routine."
    - Sarah, California

  • I Have Lost 22 Pounds!

    "I was very skeptical of this product when I first read about it. I have been overweight my entire life. After purchasing a package of Gummy Owls I am hooked! I lost 2 pounds in just the first week. Now 10 weeks later I have lost 22 pounds! I cannot believe how wonderful this product is!"
    - Alyssa, New Mexico

  • Lost 8 Pounds in 4 Weeks

    "Since using (Gummy Owls), my appetite has decreased dramatically! I feel healthier & naturally more energized!! Along with following the tips, after about 4 weeks I have lost about 8 pounds (approx. 2 lbs per week)!! Woo Hooo!!.As you can see...I shedded those extra pounds thanks to Gummy Owls !!!"
    - Lisa, Michigan

  • I've Lost 10 Pounds

    "Great product. Using it for the first time, and I'm starting to see results. Will be continuing the process, and I'll let you know of my progress. So far, I've lost 10 lbs."
    - Maryam, California

  • Lost 4 lbs in Week and a Half

    "I started with Gummy Owls about a week & a half ago. In that time I've lost 4lbs (along with their recommended healthy eating & activity). They are perfect for filling up before a meal so you don't eat as much and their sweetness is really helpful to curb cravings. So far so good, another order is in!"
    - Tiana, Illinois

  • I've Lost 12 Pounds So Far

    "A friend bought me Gummy Owls, and I've lost 12 pounds so far. When I want a snack, I take a couple with a bottled water and feel full for hours. It is so much easier to make good food choices when you are not starving and have the time to think about it. Thanks Gummy Owls!"
    - Kasey, California

  • Lost 10 Pounds in One Month

    "I used to be quite over weight when I was in high school and could never find a good way to help me. I would eat healthy but nothing really worked, even after high school I couldn't find anything that really worked, but I came across this product and it has helped tremendously. Just by eating Gummy Owls, I've lost 10lbs in one month and I want to order more so I can continue. It has also helped my digestive system. They not only taste great, but they work. First thing and only thing I've trusted in the diet community. Thank you!"
    - Kelly, Washington

  • Mindless Eating in Check

    "I often work 10 hours shifts and found myself mindlessly snacking on whatever food was around because I would get so hungry during the day. These have helped me keep the mindless eating in check."
    - Ashley, Massachusetts

  • These Really Work

    "Gummy Owls taste great and really work. I have a sweet tooth, so these have saved the day for me. I take them to school so I can eat them before I have lunch. The secret is to make sure you drink water with them so they give you that feeling of fullness. That is what will cut down your intake of food at each meal. No more snacking in between. These really work...slow weight loss is the way to go."
    - Judy, Illinois

  • Lost 5 Pounds This Week

    "I have started using Gummy Owls with my Weight Watchers point system, and it's really been great. I have fewer cravings and [I'm] able to really help control food portions. I have lost 5 pounds this week."
    - Nancy, Pennsylvania

  • Keep Me Fuller Longer

    "I like Gummy Owls they seem to keep me fuller longer. I don't eat as much as I used to. I love that they're healthy for you in so many ways."
    - CJ, Texas

  • Weight Is Coming Off

    "Love love love them...I wake up wanting something sweet, I pop a few and it takes care of that. I have lost about 5 lbs, but not been watching what I eat and exercising, but I've been doing that for awhile, and now with the Gummy Owls [the weight] seems to be coming off. Also ordered some more to send to my daughter, and have been telling everyone...."
    - Betty, Pennsylvania

  • A Natural, Tasty and Easy Snack

    "I have found Gummy Owls to be a natural, tasty and easy snack that helps me control my appetite and has the benefit of added fiber in my diet."
    - Karen, California

  • Quite Delicious

    "More often than not, I eat Gummy Owls as snacks. Sometimes, I eat them as a pick-me-up after my workout at the gym. I think they are quite delicious. I like the low-sugar taste and enjoy them a lot."
    - Charity, Virginia

  • I Love These Gummy Owls!!

    "I love these Gummy Owls!! I have lost 8 pounds since I started eating them! Instead of chips or "bad" snacks, I just pop a few Owls and a glass of water and I'm good to go!! My husband is now taking them, and I've gotten friends to order them!! My friends are loving the Owls!!"
    - Holly, Colorado

  • They Really Work

    "Gummy Owls, at least for me, taste good enough that I am delighted to eat a few....My bathroom scales tell me that they really work...."
    - David Mendosa
      Leading Diabetes/Obesity Writer &
      Blogger, Colorado

  • Taste Is Awesome!

    "The taste is awesome! ...I feel perfectly comfortable letting my kids have a few between meals."
    - Mir Kamin, Mom Blogger, Georgia

  • Enjoy Gummy Treats

    "Now candy lovers can enjoy gummy treats without worrying about their waist line."
    - Candy Industry Magazine, Illinois

  • Easy Feeling of Fullness

    "I'm about to reorder a few more pouches. Instead of slowly sliding up in weight, I'm slowly sliding down. Have dropped 4 pounds so far. I have an easy feeling of fullness; just not as hungry and am eating less. I gradually increased the number of gummies over the past 3 weeks so that I'm now taking between 12-15 a day. And I'm drinking a lot more water."
    - Karen, Oregon


    "I truly have to say these are the most wonderful diet supplements EVER invented. With nothing artificial, no caffeine, and nothing that makes you jittery, and up all night, these are just great, for what I need. I keep myself to 10 to 12 per day, but I can probably eat them ALL day....I feel they are great for SENSIBLE weight loss. I only want to lose 20 to25 lbs, and I have lost about 3lbs, in 3 weeks. LOVE THEM! [Six months later: "I have been eating these for about 6 months, and have averaged a weight loss of about 3 lbs per month, even through the holidays."
    - Marsha, Florida

  • 8 Pounds in 2 Weeks

    "I had gastric bypass surgery almost ten years ago and had been pretty successful in keeping the weight off, but in the last year I started to creep back up. Night time snacking was my issue, I can't eat much, but I can eat frequently. I was desperate to find something to help me. I can't stand the taste of artificial sweeteners. I saw the Gummy Owls advertised on my favorite blog and decided to give them a try. It's been two weeks, I've dropped 8 pounds and they really do the trick as a snack. They keep me honest."
    - Lindy, Texas

  • You Won't be Disappointed!

    "I've lost 12 pounds in 2 weeks using Gummy Owls and exercise! They are easy to use and really do help control that appetite! I strongly recommend Gummy Owls for anyone struggling. Use your common sense - add Gummy Owls NOW!!! You won't be disappointed!"
    - Betsy, California

  • My New BFF (Best Fat Fixer)

    "Luv Luv Luv my Gummy Owls. They are like my new BFF (Best Fat Fixer). I have been taking them [for two months] and have lost 18 lbs…. Even more exciting, my jeans that I have not worn in a year FIT, so as long as my Owls keep a helping me loose the weight I want to lose, they will stay my BFF!!"
    - Judy, Washington

  • Awesome Product

    "I tried Gummy Owls for the first time and have already lost 5 lbs! They are a great way to curb your appetite and to take before a meal so you are never starving. Thanks so much! Awesome product."
    - Linda, Virginia

  • I Love It

    "I started taking Gummy Owls because a good friend (who happens to be a physician) spoke positively about them being a great way to lose weight without missing the foods we love. I have tried many programs. I have banned scales from my home, because I became obsessed about every pound and discovered in the end I was just unhappy, mad and hungry…. I make better choices because I'm not starving my body or depriving myself of taste. I love it."
    - Caron, North Carolina

  • Lost 20 Pounds

    "Gummy Owls have been helping me lose weight. I have lost twenty pounds and they taste great!"
    - Stan, Rhode Island

  • My Jeans Fit Better

    "The first week I tried Gummy Owls, I did not see much difference….After I became more consistent, eating the gummies when I first awoke with a glass of water, then my coffee, then my breakfast and then the same at lunch and dinner time - my jeans began to fit a little better - even right out of the dryer! I have started to crave less food and feel full much faster…. These little guys helped me get back on track. Thank you!"
    - Jasmine, California

  • I Like the Taste

    "I was having trouble losing weight, and I saw your product. I was skeptical, but I bought a bag and tried them. I started to lose weight. I was so surprised. I lost 4 lbs the first 2 wks. I now order the "Buy 2 Get 1 Free," and I have share them with my sister. I even like their taste too. Thanks for making a product that is good for your body and helps u lose weight."
    - Melinda, North Carolina

  • Doctor Very Pleased

    "I am diabetic and had cancer surgery, so I could not exercise for 8 weeks. My blood sugar test for three months was 8.3, the highest it had ever been. I started eating the Gummy Owls after breakfast and for a afternoon snack. The next time I went in it was 7.3 ! My doctor was very pleased and wanted to know my secret so I told him. He said he would look into Gummy Owls. "
    - Laurel, California

  • Gummy Owls Are Trusted Friend

    "Gummy Owls have become a trusted friend. I have three for breakfast with a hot beverage, then around noon to 1 o'clock I will start to feel hungry so I take two and drink a bottle of water. In the evening when my husband comes home, I will take three more with water before we eat dinner. I am starting to notice more energy and believe by summer I will be looking great."
    - Barbara, Arizona

  • Helped with My Diabetes

    "Gummy Owls helped with my diabetes. I've had diabetes 2 for the last 8 years and couldn't get my A1c down to acceptable levels without medication. I am slightly overweight, but have lost 10 pounds so far and my morning numbers are now in the low 70s.... I am eating way less because the owls fill up my stomach before each meal. I don't crave sweets in the evening anymore either. I am telling everyone I know about this simple but effective weight loss product."
    - Mary, California

  • I Feel in Control

    "I have a very bad sweet tooth and I crave chewy and sweet snacks between meals. Gummy Owls fit the bill! I've been eating them for a week and I'm already down a pound. They have helped prevent me from hunting for sweets around the office and at home. I feel full and in control for the first time in years."
    - Susan, New York

  • Ten Pounds Lighter

    "I purchased my Gummy Owls in June to help me lose weight this summer. I monitored a swimming pool all day, and needed an appetite suppressant. So I packed my little cooler with non-fat yogurt, low fat sandwiches, low fat snack bars, and no calorie water. Because I ate my Gummy Owls, I did not experience any cravings all day and felt no side effects either. Gummy Owls were PERFECT for my job and goals, AND, of course I lost weight. Ten pounds lighter, I now plan to lose an additional 20 pounds before the winter holidays! Thank you Gummy Owls!"
    - Patricia, North Carolina

  • Something That Works!!!!

    "I started Gummy owls about 2 weeks ago and I can feel a difference already and I have lost 5 pounds! I have tried everything! Nothing ever worked like this! I have hypothyroidism so losing weight is not easy but I have finally found something that works!!!!"
    - Brenda Russell, Massachusetts

  • I've Stopped Grazing!

    "I am really happy how Gummy Owls are helping me! I am in my 3rd week and have lost a little over 3 pounds....I start the morning with a big cup of tea and 5 Owls. I really look forward to this start of the day. Then I have 3-5 Owls before lunch and dinner. My appetite is really in control and I have stopped "grazing" all day long! This has been my big problem for years. Thank you, Gummy Owls."
    - Kathleen, South Carolina

  • Jackpot!

    "I have a sweet tooth. Big time. I have cravings. I like to eat. I like snacks. Yet, I want to stay fit and Gummy Owls are genius…. [They] totally satisfy your desire for candy, and you feel less hungry. I feel lighter and better in my clothes! And my cravings are slowing down! Jackpot!"
    - Marie Fiorin, Fashion Blogger, France

  • Lost 7 Pounds in Two Weeks

    "I got the Gummy Owls about two weeks ago. So far I have lost 7 pounds almost 8. I have been watching what I eat and exercising along with it. They definitely have curbed my appetite. My sweet cravings have been almost eliminated. Plus I no longer have indigestion like I did before. Great product!!!!!"
    - Anna, Georgia

  • Pants Fitting Better

    "I eat the Gummy Owls as suggested, and I am noticing my pants fitting better, and I am needing another hole in my belt.... I am eating the Gummy Owls and eating healthier. I find eating them in the morning helps me to make healthier choices throughout the day.... Gummy Owls are Yummy Owls! I was surprised at how delicious they are."
    - Nate, Texas

  • Dropped About 3 Pounds This Week

    "These little things taste great and are very satisfying! I love the fact that they are all natural and they ARE helping me control my urge to overeat! I can tell when I have missed a couple days -- my eating habits certainly change. I have dropped about 3 pounds this week and its been no effort at all! So glad I found out about Gummy Owls!"
    - Loretta, Missouri

  • Thanks for a Great Product!

    "Gummy Owls are great! They are helping me to eat less and be less hungry. I am also more aware of what I am eating because I am keeping a food diary, which includes how many Gummy Owls I eat per day. They do help to reduce my sugar level. I have recommended them to some friends. Thanks for a great product.!"
    - Christy, Ohio

  • I'd Recommend Them to a Friend

    "I have been successful in losing 65 pounds over the last eighteen months and was very excited to hear about your product. I have recently reached my goal weight and thought that Gummy Owls would help me maintain my weight while satisfying my sweet tooth. I do like the taste of Gummy Owls and would recommend them to a friend."
    - Donna, Georgia

  • I Eat Them Between Meals

    "I'm a type 1 diabetic and can't eat sugar so these Gummy Owls help me not overeat and taste pretty good. I eat them between meals and enjoy them!! I'm always on a diet...and looking to lose some weight."
    - Stacy, Texas

  • A Good Option

    "If you are looking for a low calorie snack that you can enjoy in between meals that provide you with some extra fiber in your diet, Gummy Owls are a good option…."
    - Kimberly Vetrano, Mom Blogger, New York

  • They Are Great

    "I decided to try out Gummy Owls when I saw that it was 100% natural, made of fiber and promotes weight loss... What I like most about them is that they regulate and promote stool. Most of all they are great for cleansing the body from toxins."
    - Sissy, Florida

  • Helped Me with Snacking

    "Gummy Owls have helped me with snacking in between meals. When I just HAVE to have SOMETHING, I can pop a couple of Owls from the package on my desk and I'm good to go."
    - Lory, Florida

  • Really Helped My Daughter

    "My 13yr old daughter always had constipation problems and I did not feel right giving her laxatives all the time. Gummy Owls have really helped her and they are all natural. She is also a bit overweight and these are sugar free and salt free. She has already lost five pounds in a month."
    - Aida, Florida

  • Amazingly Satisfy Between-Meal Craving

    "Probably like a lot of others, I was skeptical but figured, "what the heck?" Well, I'm glad I got over my skepticism, since they really have something going. Definitely feel fuller faster when taken a little bit before a meal and amazingly satisfy that between-meal craving with so few calories. I even have a little container to store a few when going out!"
    - Dr. Mike, California

  • The Owls are Helping Us

    "My husband and I are trying to keep our weight down and lose a few pounds. The owls are helping us and it is so easy to keep on eating them than other diet supplements. Thanks Gummy Owls."
    - Julie, North Carolina

  • Absorbs Your Hunger

    "This product is true to its word when it says it absorbs your hunger. I have never found anything on the market that would take away my hunger AND my cravings naturally the way Gummy Owls have, with zero side effects. I have lost 15 pounds since starting Gummy Owls."
    - Ann, New Hampshire

  • Jeans Not as Snug

    "Hoot hoot! Gummy Owls work. I've been eating them as directed for about a week. My jeans aren't as snug as they had been, so I got on the scale, and found I had indeed lost 2 lbs. The only thing I changed about my diet was the amounts of what I ate were less, because my stomach wasn't always craving the larger amounts that I was used to eating. I plan to re-order right away!"
    - Marcia, Ohio

  • Gummy Owls Help Me Stay Full

    "I love Gummy Owls! They have been a great tool in my weight loss. So far I have lost 6 pounds. They help me eat less and avoid sugary snacks throughout the day. I am a busy teacher and sometimes my lunch break is devoted to helping students and I don't get to eat on time. Gummy Owls help me stay full until I am able to eat! Thank you for a wonderful product!"
    - Jessica, Kansas